Sunday, December 5, 2010

hurm..tbe2 ase sdih sgt2 :(

wena mintax maaf kpada ssiape yg wena pnah skitkan aty...
da lukakan bkn khendak wena.. jgak bukan slah wena je...
masing2 de salah...ingt 2..jangan pk n cari slah owg len je
salah sndri prlu ingat.hurm..wena mntax maaf sgt2...
trplang r pada kowg nk pk wena ni ape..
tp wena tw cpe dri wena..n wena wat ni de sbab...
smua mnsia xprfect..wena mnxmaaf.... :(

I'm Sorry

I'm sorry for everything you've been through
It must've been very hard on you
I'm sorry for all that's been said and done
I was the moon, you were the sun
I'm sorry for not making everything right
But the situation I was in, was very tight
I'm sorry for not lending you a hand
If only I could be a better friend
I'm sorry if it seemed like I didn't care
Lucky for you, your special- someone was there
I'm sorry for breaking your heart
For forgiveness, where do I start?


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