Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ayat Cinta Saya ^^

Hey Mr.Froggy , hw r u ? :D rmmber the day we first started talking to each other ? * i always remember , coz tht's wht strted u n i ryt ? hehe . kekadang bile di fikirkan semule lawak pun ade kan kan . haiyap ! student lounge kan pakcik gondol ? Dear,out of 6,923,000,00 people in the world . I CHOOSE YOU <3 . I'm sorry sometimes i get a little jealous , thinking that someone else could make you happier than i could . I guess it's my insecurities acting up . Because i know that i'm not the prettiest , smartest or most fun and exciting girl . But i do know that no matter how hard and long you look . ** Love is never measured by the times he made you laugh , but by the number of times he made you smile after you cried . ** I hope someday you'll find all my quotes , all my words , and read them all . I hope you'll know that they're all about you . I KNOW WE ARE TOO YOUNG , AND ITS STILL EARLY TO SAY THIS .. BUT I HOPE YOU'RE THE ONE :) i'm glad i did meet you , cause you were the one who always asked me if anything was wrong . You were to one who loved me foe me . The one who cared when everyone else didn't . The one who listened . The one who stayed up late just to talk with me . You were the one who i told secrets to . The one who taught me new things . The one who laughed at my jokes and always make me smile . The one who did things for me . I'm sorry because i have loved you . I think i love you a little bit more everyday . * He's the part that is missing , i miss him . i'm missing him . JE T'AIME !


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