Thursday, January 12, 2012

EXAM is finished !

yay yipee!! exams are over now! in 2 weeks, i've became so nerd, and i dated with all notes, sleepless, asthma-ness, migraine-ness.. now its all gone! not really, im still having my asthma+migraine now *sighs*
well my exams were ok ok.. i dont wanna think bout it
right after i finished my last paper,back home n sleep then eat , omg ( badak sumbu ).. haha . oke , now forget about exam , time to party ! yeaah ! enjoy time ! . so im in holiday mood now, hihi .. semester breaks for 3 weeks..wee yeah! Miss my family . ibu baba wait for me :D ( nak balik kampung,nak makan rambutan nie ) . hehe :D

ps: gonna miss u guys, naddy , soeleha , tielia , ain & chandra.. tc alrite? Xoxo J . opps .! ! . gud luck afique aizat ! . last ppr mrow ryt ? do the best dear . alwys wsh u luck . :D hihi


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