Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Untuk pakcik saya :D

Hehe , ni post special for sumi ! . tak habis-habis dok tanyer ada update tak sal kite bile taw wena dok mule update blog ni . hihi . tak apa la , owg update oke sal kite , kesian pulak . hihi . Eh , kite da 10mnths,1wks & 1dys  laa , tak perasan pulak . :P okelah sambil-sambil dok tulis ni , owg nak ucap thnks coz alwys wth me dear . thnks a lot . :D You're the only fish in the sea for me DUGONG ! :D i know we stll too young , and it's still only to say this .. but i hope you're the one :D

Hey u . u wnt knw my secret ? i dream of being with you forever :D 
> hehe <
Saya suke awak katak ! 
Hope our love last n forever 
Amin :)


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love ! ! :)

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