Thursday, April 19, 2012

saya sedih :'(

I wish i could put all my thoughts in a jar . I think too much . Thinking too much causes me to over think and analyze things i don't want to deal with . It gets too much for me to handle and i panic . I shut myself down and go to war with myself . I'm tired . I'm sick of being tired . I don't like who i am , but i have to live with it . I don't know what i'm doing . I'm sick of feeling sad . I want to be at peace with myself for once . To be happy and think about things that doesn't sent me over the edge .

**Look at you . You're young . You're scared . Why are you so scared ? stop being paralyzed . Stop swallowing your words . Stop caring about what other people think . Wear what you want . Listen to the music you want to listen to . Play it loud and dance to it . Go out for a drive at midnight and forget you have work the next day . Stop waiting for friday . Live now . Do it now . Take risks . Tell secrets .This life is yours . Forget hurt , take had taught

P/S : everyone wants happiness . no one wants pain . but you cant have a rainbow,without a little rain :
_______________♪ ♫ ♩ ♬


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